About Sreeyan


Sreeyan will be one of the most financially sound and highly-respected organizations in San Antonio so that we can hire more military veterans.  Sreeyan will be a place where we are known by our competitors as the company that can’t be beat because it’s “too far ahead of the game.”  Our people will hold their heads high and know that they are working for a company that has:

  1. The TECHNICAL insight
  2. The STRATEGIC insight
  3. The MARKETING insight
  4. The CREATIVE insight

Core Purpose

We’re always looking ahead (to stay ahead of the pack) to pay it forward (benefit our customers and hire more veterans).

Business vision
Core Values

Core Values

Education- What we learn, we teach. We recognize that the They Ask, You Tell phenomenon is simply the reciprocity principle at its finest. The 21st-century customer has unlimited access to information via the internet. Transparency is the key to building trust.

Philanthropy- From what we get, we give back. Giving back to reputable, integral organizations that serve veterans is important to us. We will earn the respect of the community we serve by practicing what we preach regarding veterans.

Service- We always offer solutions, never excuses. We will never tell a customer, “I’m sorry. We can’t do that.” We will always offer an attractive alternative to retain the client. This is the essence of the 7 Bridges principle, which is for every client you turn away, you’ll lose 7 more. For every client you retain, you’ll gain 7 more.

Leadership- We build things to last. People will work for a shared purpose, something more than just making money. Shared values hold a company together, and this cohesiveness proves to lead to greater productivity and ingenuity in the long run over highly-skilled employees. Traditional, top-down management doesn’t work in this day and age. Values-based leadership is the best way to go.