Sreeyan IT Staffing

We are a custom software product development company that has forged strong partnerships for 12+ years through trust, transparency, and impressive results.

From Fortune 500 corporations to budding startups, companies have turned to us to help solve their most complex business problems. We create real value for our clients by deploying IT staff for envisioning, designing, developing, and deploying great software products tailored to their unique needs.


Why Our Consultants

Our consultants bring years of experience from many industries, technologies, and company cultures. We apply our collective experience to all of our client projects to ensure progress, learning, and high-value outcomes. All our consultants are from top tier and Tier III level only

We invest in creating a culture of continual learning that directly benefits our clients and we embrace a player-coach mentality across all consulting engagements. A successful engagement model is one where we give our clients the tools, software designs they need to succeed.

IT Staff Deployment and Engagements models


Top Tier Team


Triangulation Method deployment

This is a fast, resource intensive deployment method for mission critical IT Systems for an organization. This method is a 360-degree view and access of your systems by triangulation method of deploying…


Scenarios in which this method is used.

1)  New product or Service Launch with a hard deadline.
2) OCC Federal Regulation to be met for compliance with a hard deadline
3) Data breach caused in your organization


Tier III Team

This method is used for placing our experienced consultants at data gates for removal of data silos and transformation of monolithic applications with Anti-Corruption Layer ACL using Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans. This way data flows logically across your department to other departments in a free flow method.

Scenarios in which this method is used

  • 1)
  • Enhancing the current infrastructure to cloud with relaxed time
  • 2)
  • Deploying cloud technologies as a pilot for your current legacy
    sytems or IT Systems
  • 3)
  • Enhancing the product offering SaaS, Mobile app users with a linked
    server or data systems

Consultant flavors!!

SAFe Product Managers

SaFe Practitioners

SAFe Product Owners

SaFe Practitioners

Cloud Architect III


AWS Cloud Engineers II
Azure Cloud Engineers

SQL data, XML data, R math, Clojure math,Azure Cloud Engineers Haskell functional, Erlang functional,Python procedural, and Go languages

Data Engineers II

YAML, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Sqoop, Flume Kafka.

Data Engineers III

MuleSoft, Delta Data Lake, Snowflake, NOSQL

Core Software Coding Engineers II

.net, react native

Core Software Coding Engineers III

Java, .net

Cybersecurity Engineers II

Splunk (SIEM), Fidelis XPS,Confidential NSM, RSA/Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Legacy System Engineers III

Oracle PL/SQL Model 204, FORTRAN ADABAS/Natural, DEC Form, RPG

Cybersecurity Engineers III

CyberArk, Sailfish, Splunk, Secure VPN

Legacy System Engineers III

Visual Basic, Micro Focus Dialog,System, REXX, ASP (Microsoft),dBase, SilverStream, COBOL for AS/400 and iSeries

DevOps Engineer III

Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Chef, Ansible